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Artificial Intelligence in the marketing field has developed into an industry standard to support critical functions. Close to 51% of marketers currently use AI and an additional 27% are expected to incorporate AI by 2019, according to Salesforce.

From customer service robots to smart analytics, AI is having a powerful impact on Marketing. This course will expand your understanding of how to design marketing strategies that leverage and incorporate AI as well as the dynamic impact of using AI in customer management, service management, and marketing analysis.

Covering all aspects of marketing and AI, from research and analysis to segmentation and targeting, participants come away with the knowledge to support the development of comprehensive marketing and business strategies for the cognitive economy.

The key course areas of Applied Artificial Intelligence and Marketing include:

  • 1) Marketing Strategy
  • 2) Marketing Execution and Digital Marketing.

The 2018 AIAI Learning System for Business Cognitist Program is included in your tuition for this course. The materials will be provided to you as the course begins.
This course is designed for:
  • Marketing, PR and communications managers
  • Both agency and organization-based marketing strategy and segment directors
  • Strategy-focused marketing and communication roles looking to improve their market analysis and conversion efficiency
  • Digital marketing directors and product marketing directors
  • Sales and marketing strategy roles
The AIAI Learning System captures the revolutionary methodology to become an AI business practitioner. Specifically targeted for adult learners, this system facilitates learning and helps students understand and apply the key principles.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Marketing Strategy
  • Essentials of Marketing Strategy in the AI economy
  • Applied Marketing Strategy and Decision-Making with AI
  • AI and Cognitive Alignment with Customers
  • AI: Marketing Research and Analysis
  • AI: Creating and Communicating the Value of Your Brand
  • AI: Introducing New Products: Successes and Failures
  • AI: Distribution Strategy and International Marketing
  • AI: Analyzing Segmentation and Targeting
  • Autonomous Use of Cognitive Data for Positioning Brand
  • AI: Predicting and Managing Customers’ Lifetime Value
  • Autonomously Measuring NPS, CSAT, and CES
  • Digital Media Planning with AI
To receive a Certificate of Completion, participants must complete any assessment, module, or exercise specified by the instructor before the assigned deadline.

100% attendance and participation are expected from participants.
Al Naqvi

Al Naqvi is a full-time professor at the American Institute of AI. He is the author of several books, book chapters, and journal articles that center on AI. His focus of research is on deep learning, NLP, neural networks, and reinforcement learning. In terms of application, Naqvi’s focus of research is on financial markets and supply chains. Using AI, Naqvi’s research is improving investment analysis by deciphering investor expectations via a technical and fundamental analysis of stocks. He has developed a body of knowledge in various applied AI fields including marketing, supply chain, human resources, finance, and strategy/competitive intelligence. He is one of the most sought-after speakers at AI conferences and seminars. Professionals from over 300 companies have benefited from Naqvi’s trainings. Naqvi’s doctorate studies are from the University of Liverpool with research focused on Applied AI. He holds an MBA, an MA in Political Science, and a BS in Physics and Math. His machine learning training is from Stanford. He is a certified turnaround analyst and holds an executive certificate from Darden, UVA.

Angela Long

Angela Long is a strategic marketer with a passion for creating brands that connect with customers and that uniquely position organizations in the marketplace. She has experience in both brand and agency, creating strategies and integrated marketing campaigns in industries that include healthcare, biotechnology, automotive and consumer goods. Angela currently leads the marketing efforts in the Mid-Atlantic for the transatlantic law firm Womble Bond Dickinson. She is President-Elect of the American Marketing Association Washington DC (AMADC) and leads the Marketing Mentors Network, AMADC’s signature mentor program now in its 15th year. She is also co-chair of the Customer Experience Association DC Network.

Angela holds a BA in Modern Languages from Converse College, an MS in Management from Boston University and an MS in Marketing from Philadelphia University. A big fan of design thinking, she holds a Statement of Accomplishment from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business and mentors with DT:DC’s Summer of Design program.

Angela is passionate about helping to build the future of marketing and the community to drive it.
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