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With information technology redefining operations in almost every industry, managing the "business process" has become more essential than ever. Effective business process management assures that redesigned operations deliver meaningful business value –a failure point in many IT projects– and it enables ongoing innovation long after new technology is implemented. BPM is a critical skills set for analysts who redesign the way work is performed and for managers who must assure ongoing performance improvement.

George Mason University’s Business Process Management Certificate is compatible with the Association of Business Process Management Professionals' (ABPMP) Comprehensive Body of Knowledge. Via three classroom modules, it provides tools and techniques you need to transform operations to reduce costs, slash service and/or cycle times, increase capacity and provide a better customer experience. This program also includes three optional e-learning modules that deliver traditional process improvement knowledge (Lean, Six Sigma) and cutting edge BPM techniques.

  • It is recommended but not essential that the Essentials of Business Process Management virtual course be taken first. Remaining certificate courses may be taken in any order.
  • To receive a Certificate of Completion, participants must, within 18 months, successfully complete all four core courses.
  • 100% attendance and participation are expected from participants.

  • Managers who influences operational performance or customer satisfaction
  • Business analysts or business process analysts/engineers
  • Directors/coordinators of continuous improvement initiatives
  • Individuals pursuing CBPA or CBPP certification from the ABPMP
  • Human resources professionals looking to have a more strategic impact
  • Finance/cost professionals looking to find/eliminate hidden costs
  • Customer service professionals who need to serve more customers
  • Individuals who are actively involved in their organizations' performance improvement efforts

  • Document and measure the way work is performed
  • Streamline and optimize business processes
  • Focus performance on the needs of the external customer
  • Leverage technology to redesign work and the customer experience
  • Gain the support of a broad range of stakeholders
  • Deploy results-oriented solutions
  • Understand best practices of Six Sigma and Lean
  • Understand best practices of contemporary BPM
  • Gain proficiency for the CBPP or CBPA exam from ABPMP
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