Implementing Performance Improvement and IT Upgrades (PMC 0107)


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The promise of new information technology and process innovation is great; unfortunately, so is the percentage of such projects that fail due to process misalignment, project management shortfalls and/or staff rejection. Why? Because the challenge of implementing change is as great as the challenge of creating innovative business process/IT solutions.

This seminar will arm you with a powerful combination of "soft" skills and "hard" skills to help you deploy solutions, integrate new procedures into day-to-day operations, and gain buy-in from varied stakeholders and skeptics.

  • To receive a Certificate of Completion, participants must, within 18 months, successfully complete all four core courses.
  • 100% attendance and participation are expected from participants.

  • Process improvement team leader or member
  • IT upgrade (ERP, CRM) team leader or member
  • Systems or business analyst
  • Project or program manager
  • Business process owner or manager
  • Actively involved in your organization’s process improvement, Lean or Six Sigma efforts

  • Identify and prioritize issues that will impact successful process or technology change
  • Build cross-functional coalitions of influential people
  • Provide high-level direction for implementation project management
  • Develop a communication plan to sell and reinforce the new process vision
  • Achieve buy-in from the people who must utilize new processes and technology
  • Measure the impact of change
  • Assure that new processes are sustainable
"Great instruction: engaging, personal. Mandy worked with our teams on our level, responded to our personalities, struggles, etc. Fantastic."
Compliance Manager

"I could probably gush forever! Please know that you have helped me immensely in my new position/role and have increased my confidence to continue taking risks and try new approaches to building our project portfolio management department. It does not seem as daunting now."
Program Manager
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