Process Modeling, Analysis and Redesign (PMC 0104)


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Process Modeling is the essential foundation for every performance improvement and technology innovation project. It is a simple yet powerful method of looking beyond functional activities and rediscovering your core work processes. Process maps and models enable you to peel away the complexity of your organizational structure (and internal politics) and focus on the processes that are truly the heart of your business. Armed with a thorough understanding of the inputs, outputs and interrelationships of each process, you and your organization can:

  1. Design "should be" processes that streamline operations and eliminate non-value-activities that must never be automated;
  2. Craft "could be" processes that leverage technology to enable dramatic performance breakthroughs.

Properly used, process modeling and redesign can change your entire approach to business process management...and greatly reduce the cost of your operations by eliminating as much as 50% of the steps in most processes as well as the root causes of systemic quality problems.

  • To receive a Certificate of Completion, participants must, within 18 months, successfully complete all four core courses.
  • 100% attendance and participation are expected from participants.

  • Business Process Owner or Manager
  • Systems or Business Analyst
  • Functional or project manager
  • Process Improvement Team Leader or Member
  • IT Upgrade (ERP, CRM) Team Leader or Member
  • Actively involved in your organization's process improvement, Lean or Six Sigma efforts

  • Utilize a "toolkit" of mapping and modeling techniques to document and analyze business processes
  • Understand how processes interact in a system
  • Locate process flaws that are creating systemic problems
  • Evaluate which activities add value for the customer
  • Mobilize teams to streamline and improve processes
  • Leverage technology to effectively automate and redesign processes
  • Create "should be" and "could be" process designs
  • Identify sources of business requirements and business rules
"Fantastic presentation with real-life example and discussion on how to apply material to them. Also appreciated discussions on the human/people management implications."
VP, Business Initiative Support

"Speaker was extremely knowledgeable on ALL types of Process Mapping. I liked his application to real-life examples."
Director - Order Management

"Excellent course, very useful information I will be able to apply immediately."
Project Manager

"Awesome ability to answer a variety of tough questions. Lots of relevant examples and resources. Breadth of knowledge was impressive."
VP, Special Projects

"The instructor's presentation was very exciting- she makes you really see the reason to look at the process and want to improve it. I’ve had some training on “swim lanes” but not nearly as enjoyable."
Business Analyst

"I received much more that I expected from this class. This was such an eye-opening experience. Susan was excellent! Her style of delivery adds to my comprehension of the material. The workbook "added value" to the class and will be used often."
County Manager

"Very impressed, I really didn't know what to expect-taking a lot home and I hope to incorporate in my job. The content was very well written and flowed nicely."
Process Manager
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