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Facility Management Professional (FMP)
This program is designed to ensure that those receiving the FMP credential demonstrate a proven comprehension of the foundations of facility management.
Emergency Preparedness for Facility Managers
This program examines emergency preparedness at both a macro and micro level, from planning for an emergency through recovering from disasters. It also discusses how to design and establish a solid, effective disaster prevention and relief strategy for all types of facilities. Additionally, it focuses on identifying types of emergencies and the resources needed to combat them; planning and organizing to respond to the emergencies; preparing and rehearsing emergency plans; training and finally, capturing valuable lessons from each event.
Facility Management
This program aligns with the core competencies for IFMA’s Certified Facility Manager (CFM) examination and provides a foundation which addresses the core competencies of the Federal Building Personnel Training Act (FBPTA).
Sustainability Facility Professional (SFP)
This program will provide you with the tools to enhance your sustainability knowledge. In this three module program, you will learn to integrate sustainability efforts with the values and strategies of your organization.

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