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Contract Formation and Administration
The Contract Formation and Administration Certificate is a ten-day program made up of five courses covering fundamentals of government contracting, practical applications of the FAR, negotiation strategies and techniques, contract changes, and ethics and compliance in government contracting. Whether you are a part of the original proposal or have responsibilities for administering government contracts, this will expand your knowledge and skills of contract management.
Government Contracting Fundamentals
The Government Contracting Fundamentals course is a comprehensive overview and discussion of the federal government contracting process, including applicable procurement laws, regulations, and practical requirements. For those who are new, relatively inexperienced, or require a supervisory understanding of government contracting, this course provides an overview that will familiarize the attendee with the federal contracting process, provide a strong foundation on which to build greater subject-matter expertise, and dispel common myths and misunderstandings.
Government Contracts Accounting
Mason’s Government Contracts Accounting Certificate is a ten day program made up of five courses covering fundamentals of government contracting, practical applications of the FAR, accounting and auditing for government contracts, timekeeping measures and compliance, and cost and price analysis. If you have any financial responsibility for government contracts, this certificate covers all the foundations you need.
Masters Academy in Government Contracting
The Masters Academy in Government Contracting provides an exceptional learning experience on current best practices in key areas of Government Contracting. Over the course of five days, you will learn the lessons experts have culled during their careers in Government Contracting. This program is not intended to cover the basics or each topic in its entirety; instead, the Masters Academy is intended as an advanced course focusing on leading practices.
Navigating the FAR - Practical Implications
This fast-paced interactive course examines the organization, content, policy and procedures of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) as it applies to Federal acquisition. Designed for new professionals in both government and industry, as well as more experienced professionals, to build or update their familiarity with the Federal Government’s procurement system. The course includes a review of the topical divisions of the FAR, exercises to help the participant find and analyze FAR contracting issues, and group activities to reinforce the application of FAR principles.

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