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George Mason University in collaboration with The Center for Legal Studies offers Software Essentials for the Law Office Certificate Online.

This dynamic course is designed for legal professionals interested in improving their skills and knowledge of commonly used computer technology and programs within the law office.

Common billing procedures and payment agreements, accurate time tracking, proper calendar, and docketing procedures, as well as the processes involved in electronic discovery will be addressed through a variety of exercises. In addition, students will be presented with real-life scenarios and asked to identify and examine ethical issues raised by the use of technology in a legal practice.

Hands on exercises will prepare students to work with popular programs such as MS PowerPoint, Practice Master’s Tabs 3, AbacusLaw, DiscoveryFY, Trial Director and LexisNexis CaseMap & TimeMap, as well as understand the common functions and purposes of similar programs.

Course topics include: computer operating systems and peripheral devices; time tracking and billing software; database, case management and docket control software; litigation support software; electronic discovery, and trial presentation and graphics software.

  • Introduction to Computers
  • Legal Timekeeping & Billing Software
  • Databases, Case Management & Docket Control Software
  • Electronic Discovery
  • Litigation Support Software
  • The Electric Courthouse, Automated Courtroom & Presentation Graphics
To receive a Certificate of Completion from George Mason University, student are expected to complete the following:
  • Six ethics assignments
  • Six quizzes
  • Hands on exercises
  • Participation on five bulletin board assignments
Students are expected to spend an average of nine hours per lesson reading and completing writing assignments. 70 percent is the minimum passing score on all tests and assignments for this course. This course is the equivalent of at least 50 clock hours of study.

Textbooks are not included in the course registration fee.

Required Textbook for this course:
Using Computers in the Law Office, 6th Edition, with Student Workbook and CourseMate by Matthew S. Cornick, ISBN: 978-1-1331-5837-0

Recommended Legal Resource:
Oran’s Dictionary of the Law, 4th Edition, by D. Oran. Clifton Park: Delmar Cengage Learning.

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