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Leadership can be described as a person’s ability to make the intangible tangible which is why people often find it difficult to define; instead, they will say, ”when I see it, I know it.” Learning how to leverage your personal Emotional Intelligence (EI) and that of your colleagues and working teams around you will prove to be one of the most resilient tools you will use to acquire essential non‐tangible leadership skills. Industry expertise and technical acumen help people rise to managerial positions; however, truly successful managers and leaders hone professional skills that enable them to recognize and appreciate the strengths of the people with whom they work. Interpersonal skills can make a significant difference in planning, communicating, collaborating, resolving conflict or most other aspects of leading people to achieve organizational goals.
Participants require a background in project management methods, tools and techniques. Lecture, discussion, exercises and case studies will be used to transfer learning of course concepts.

All participants will need to take the EQi 2.0 assessment in advance of the class. The assessment takes 15 minutes and is taken online. The course will then focus on how to understand each composite and element in more detail in order to increase a participant’s EI score. It will be a combination of delivery of information and practical exercises, with the emphasis on the latter.
Participants gain an understanding of the value and importance Emotional Intelligence brings to today’s dynamic workplace. Topics covered include:
  • Emotionally Intelligent Business Drivers
  • Multi‐dimensional Leadership
  • Self‐Perception
  • Self‐Expression
  • Interpersonal
  • Decision Making
  • General Well Being
  • Psychometrics
  • EQi 2.0 Assessment Interpretation
  • Balancing EI Continuums
  • Work Group Diversity And EI
  • Emotional Engagement Strategies
  • Empathy, Framing, and Perspective
  • Optimizing Communication Practices
  • Motivation, Delegation, and Transference
  • Influencing Non‐Tangible Outcomes
100% attendance and participation are expected from participants.
George Mason University is a PMI® Global Registered Education Provider.

PDU Credits:
  • This two-day course is recommended for 14 PDUs
PMI- Project Management Institute- Registered Education Provider
Managers and group leaders who are looking for new techniques to enhance their skills in leading people, engaging stakeholders, relationship building, and managing cross‐functional, collaborative teams in complex environments
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