Applied Earned Value Management (PMP 0501)


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Measuring performance is critical to managing projects successfully. This session covers the concepts and practices of an Earned Value Management System (EVMS). Participants will learn the key elements for establishing an EVMS and how to objectively manage project performance, correctly apply earned value formulas, obtain project status and forecast project completion. An emphasis will be placed on application of earned value as it relates to the Federal Government.
Participants require a background in project management methods, tools and techniques. Lecture, discussion, exercises and case studies will be used to transfer learning of course concepts.
Participants will be introduced to the essential skills, knowledge, tools, and techniques employed in modern project management. Emphasis is placed on gaining practical experience with tools and techniques that ensure successful project performance. Topics covered include:
  • Module One: EVMS Planning and Requirements Overview of EVMS methodology, system criteria, ANSI 748 A Guidelines
  • Module Two: Project Scope and EVM: Understanding the project scope, creating a project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), creating the Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS); work packages, creating control accounts
  • Module Three: Planning and scheduling the budget: sequencing activities and determining critical path; integrated master schedule and integrated master plan
  • Module Four: Estimating and Budget Project Resources and Costs: integrate schedule and budget into cost, cost estimates and budget, control account plans, management reserves, establishing the Performance Management Baseline (PMB)
  • Module Five: Monitoring Performance, Reporting and Actions: Determining variances and performances indices, the Over the Target Baseline, reporting performance, recovery plans
  • Module Six: Forecasting Project Completion: calculating the Estimate at Completion (EAC), Estimate to Complete (ETC), and To Complete Performance Index (TCPI)
  • Module Seven: Federal Issues and EVM: Federal EVMS Guidelines, Integrated Baseline Review (IBR), CPR Formats 1‐5, OMB Circular A‐11, Section 300
100% attendance and participation are expected from participants.
George Mason University is a PMI® Global Registered Education Provider.

PDU Credits:
  • This two-day course is recommended for 14 PDUs
PMI- Project Management Institute- Registered Education Provider
Project managers, program managers and team members who are assigned earned value‐ related responsibilities. Managers and mid‐level professionals who are faced with increasing pressures to successfully achieve project objectives on time, within budget, and according to specifications. Course participants should have project management experience and understand project management processes and techniques.
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