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Essentials Of Project Management
Organizations are successfully using project management concepts to deal with increasingly competitive markets, financial pressures to improve performance, restructuring, and globalization. Project management provides a structure for dealing with the "faster, better, cheaper" pressures that most organizations are facing.
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Projects, regardless of scope, contain many unknowns. Risk is concerned with an event, the probability of the event occurring and the significance of the consequence of that occurrence. Project risk involves understanding potential problems and opportunities that might occur in a project and how they might impede project success. Risk management can be viewed as either a form of insurance or as an investment. Project failure may lead to significant financial impact or physical injury and often can be on a large scale. Therefore, managing project risk from the beginning of a project is a critical part of successful project management.
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Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification has become the most recognized credential for the practice of the rapidly evolving profession of project management. This course prepares the participant for the PMP® Certification Examination offered through the Project Management Institute.

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